Dear Lebanon City Residents, Property and Business Owners:

Trying to capture 2020 in words is pretty much impossible. Reflecting on what transpired this past year, there are few events in our world that have so sadly touched so many lives. It has been overwhelming at times, but also inspirational. I have witnessed some utterly amazing individuals, and organizations, including our local hospital who have stepped up and served our community in their time of need. In addition, many of us have had to come up with some highly creative ways to connect, not only in the business world but with our family members and friends. Some of us had to endure the grief of losing a loved one in the most difficult of circumstances, some of us have not been able to say goodbye in the traditional way and some of us were unable to be with our loved one in their final hours. I want to extend my personal condolences to all who have lost a loved one during this unprecedented time. During these times when we need the support of family and friends, it has been taken away from us and we have had to find strength in other ways and to find courage in adversity. Unfortunately, we need to be resilient for a little while longer, but there is hope on the horizon.
2020, although hindered by needing to spend an exorbitant amount of time researching the ever-changing coronavirus situation, preparing and implementing a COVID-19 Disaster Plan, preparing an Economic Recovery Plan and addressing the loss of revenue, the City experienced some positive successes during the year.

The following represents some of our accomplishments and notable activities during the 2020 year:

-The City entered into an Agreement of Sale for our share of the Lebanon County-City Municipal Building with the County and signed an Agreement of Sale with HACC to purchase their facility and share the building with the Lebanon Campus. These agreements will allow the City to move City offices, including the Police Department downtown. One of the action items in the City’s Grow Lebanon 2020 Plan (our economic development plan) is to “relocate City offices to the Central Business District”. Many smaller cities throughout the country have recognized the benefits of ensuring that municipal and public services remain in the urban center, not only for the convenience and greater access of all residents, but also for the added benefits for city employees and customers to frequent downtown businesses. Public investment such as this can lead to private sector development and businesses to support that activity, having a catalytic impact on the downtown as a whole.

-The City in conjunction with Main Street (Downtown Lebanon) launched a promotional video on the Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Lebanon City.

-We adopted a new Zoning Ordinance which considered the ways in which the current Zoning Ordinance and Map were working well and ways in which they were ineffective or difficult to use; areas of consistency and inconsistency between existing city policies and practices, the adopted plans, and the existing ordinance language; ways to make the revised documents more user-friendly; and necessary changes related to new statutory and/or case law.

-In partnership with Susquehanna Area Mountain Bike Association, the City dedicated a new Bicycle Playground at Coleman Memorial Park this fall. The playground consists of three separate tracks:

  • Balance track for toddlers on balance bikes. Helps little ones learn balance, cornering and basic motions of riding a bike. Helps with learning curve and builds confidence.
  • Pump track helps develop bike handling skills and forward motion and momentum. Can be used for fun, skill building, fitness and endurance by completing multiple loops around the track. Skills learned transfer into trail riding and overall bike handling.
  • Jump track designed to complete ladder of progression and offer option for more advanced riders.This is the largest facility of its kind in the area and the area’s first bicycle playground.

-We recognized several new business start-ups, including but not limited to: the WellSpan Dixon Foundation Health & Wellness Center with Health Care Partner Family First Health, Camara 809 Radio Station, Jan’s Music & Education Center, Avella’s Soaps and Candles, Esports Arena, Weaber Career Center, U.S. Army Recruiting Center, an additional location for Javi Restaurant, and the re-location of Majik to the downtown.