A Lack of Civil Discourse

What happened in Minneapolis is unacceptable.  There needs to be justice, but it will not be obtained with chaos and destruction.  What happened at our Nation’s Capitol was horrifying.  Every voice whether shouted or whispered deserves to be heard, but there is a civil way to go about it. 

Closeup of White and Black shaking hands over a deal.

Street Maintenance

Investment in street maintenance continues to be a priority; however, similar to other communities across the Commonwealth, we continue to struggle to adequately fund the program. 

Property Maintenance Enforcement

The key to the preservation of property values and the maintenance of neighborhood integrity and attractiveness is property maintenance enforcement.  Graffiti, trash, overgrown weeds, structural deficiencies, and vacant buildings are just some of the serious issues that create problems in our neighborhoods.  By resolving code violations, our neighborhoods are strengthened and crime incidents decrease.  That is why we are committed to fighting back against blight and we will continue to add tools to our tool box.

old basement renovation in process

Blight in our Neighborhoods

Buildings that are unsafe or unhealthy for persons to live or work in because of building code violations, dilapidation, deterioration are considered blighted. These properties usually have been abandoned by the property owner and bring down property values and hurt our neighborhoods.

Police Operations

Police operations are a serious issue right now nationally. Citizens want to know that they will be treated fairly without regard to the color of their skin or individual beliefs.  I believe it is important for you to have some background on Lebanon City’s history and demographics, as well as what police department policies we have had in place, new policies implemented and how operations have evolved to where we are today.