Street Maintenance

Investment in street maintenance continues to be a priority; however, similar to other communities across the Commonwealth, we continue to struggle to adequately fund the program. The City receives about $773,000 from the gas tax and more than 50% goes to energize the streetlights and traffic signals.  Snow and ice removal typically average about 20% of the allotment, which leaves less than 30% for street maintenance.  The increase in the state’s allocation from liquid fuel tax monies has helped and the City allocates additional monies from its Community Development Block Grant, but it is nowhere near what is needed when you have about 97 miles of streets to maintain.  Over $4.1 million has been invested in street resurfacing projects over the past 12 years and the 422 & 72 Resurfacing Project is valued at around $25 million, which will represent a significant enhancement to our street inventory. This project will be conducted in 4 phases.  Phase 1 was the resurfacing of Walnut Street, which was completed this summer.  The next phase will be 10thStreet in 2022, 9thStreet in 2023 and Cumberland Street in 2024.